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Monday, 19 October 2015

British Prime Minister grovelling to serial abusers of human rights and worse.


David Cameron seeks Chinese support to bomb Syria in talks with president 


This is bloody incredible. The British Prime Minister seeking support for intervention in Syria, from the President of a torturing regime, steeped in the blood of hundreds of thousands of people, serial abusers of human rights and civil liberties. Seeking support when the House of Commons has not debated the issue of UK intervention. Seeking support when the Chinese dump steel onto the markets and cause thousands of British workers to be made redundant.
The Prime Minister of this country. leaning over backwards in the hope of getting some financial benefit from China in the form of a few more contracts, which will eventually lead to even more British workers being made redundant.
A pathetic Prime Minister demonstrating all of his Tory philosophy where money is the ultimate God and people can go to hell.