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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A "rub of the green" it happens in many sports.

Craig Joubert under fire as Scotland call confirmed as the wrong one

Craig Joubert sees an infringement

A game of rugby lasts for 80 minutes. During that 80 minutes, incidents occur which could affect the ultimate outcome of the game. A knock forward results in the “wrong” side being given the put in at the scrum, an infringement at the line out leads to a penalty award to the innocent side, a pass which everyone in the stadium says was forward, leads to a try under the posts. “Incidents” such as these and others, happen in every game of rugby and every other team game you could think of. In golf, these incidents are referred to as a “rub of the green”. It just so happens that this “rub of the green” occurred in the 79th minute and resulted in a win for the Australians.
Next month or next year or whenever Scotland will be the beneficiaries of  decisions which go the wrong way. It has happened before and I have been left fuming, particularly when it occurs during a Calcutta Cup game.
The result of this game is not going to be changed, and nor should it be. It is just one of those things, a “rub of the green”. Ces't la vie.