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Monday, 19 October 2015

When the result is decided before you go to the polls, why bother to vote?

Low turnout as Egyptians shun elections designed to shore up Sisi 


"President"Abdel Fattah al-Sisi


This is what happens when a despot conspirator instigates an illegal coup against a democratically elected President, then with the backing and financial support of the "West" and Israel, imprisons any opposition, stages sham show trials and executes political opponents.
In May of 2014, I wrote
"Polling stations empty, few voters but still only one pre determined winner.
No doubt the final figures will show that "99% of voters" cast their ballots and of these the "vast majority" chose al-Sisi.
A sham election, with a sham outcome. The coup of (last year) 2013, (no matter what the Americans may call a military take over), which overthrew a democratically elected President has completed the circle and installed another dictator with no opposition, to replace Mubarak."
Today's elections are no different from last years or even next years. Al Sisi will win by a "huge majority", not because the people of Egypt want him and his Junta, but because "the West" want him and because he has the tanks, planes guns, secret police and judiciary to ensure that the election result is the one that Al-Sisi has decided.