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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Angry threats from Cameron and Osborne after governmet humiliation.

Tax credits vote: PM accuses Lords of breaking constitutional convention 



Exposed as liars

Osborne states that "the government was elected to deliver welfare cuts"
Elected, yes that is true, but to extrapolate from that simple fact that the government somehow has a mandate to "deliver cuts" stretches the limits of credibility. The House of Lords exposed Cameron's pre election statements as predominately lies particularly in respect of welfare cuts and specifically in the cuts to Working tax credits.
When only 24 people in every 100 eligible voters actually support and vote for the Conservative party, the resultant government do not have a "mandate from the people" to implement a programme of cuts. particularly when the pre election promises made by Cameron, Osborne and the rest are revealed to be deliberate fabrications to conceal intent.
The words of Michelle Dorrell on Question Time: ‘You’re about to cut tax credits after promising you wouldn’t, shame on you" will return to haunt Conservative for some years.
The "unelected unaccountable" House of Lords has given the Commons, specifically the government, a bloody nose and Osborne, clearly angry at the vote has threatened to "deal with the constitutional issues". After only 6 months in full power, psychotic arrogance of the government front bench is quite worrying.