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Thursday, 13 August 2015

A Puerile story in a fatuous "newspaper".

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn's 'long-standing links' with notorious Holocaust denier and his 'anti-Semitic' organisation revealed


Jake Wallis Simons: A warped "journalist" with a Puerile story.

Yet another "Exclusive revelation" from the pages of the Daily Mail.
(A "newspaper incidentally, removed from my list of news reference sources, due to its bias, distortions and outrageous disinformation, which make it difficult to give this rag the credit of being anything more than a very second rate children's comic)
The Mail joins the rest of the media in a last desperate attempt to smear Corbyn by printing this "story" from Jake Wallis Simons, who's credibility as a journalist may be judged by having a look at his Blog page.
A Puerile story from a warped "journalist" reproduced in a fatuous "newspaper".
It cant get much worse than that. (Can it?)