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Thursday, 6 August 2015

Exposing the "dead ones" is just a diversion.

How easy it is to convict the dead and defenceless -says Simon Jenkins.

Simon Jenkins. Guardian.

Simon Jenkins either by accident, or more probably design, completely misses the point.
By exposing the "dead ones" in the higher echelons of the British "establishment" (ignore Harris, Clifford, Glitter and the others who were only put up as sacrificial lambs in any case), attention can be diverted away from those still living and occupying positions of influence and power in the establishment ranks and no doubt still indulging themselves in the abuse of children. The conspiracy of cover up and deceit continues, with the occasional morsel of a dead "famous figure" thrown out to keep the public off the scent of deeper scandal.

Edward Heath taking tea in his garden in Salisbury in 1989.
Edward Heath. Allegations of abuse

Simon Jenkins really ought to know this and should target his articles accordingly.