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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Telegraph now resorts to the "reds under the bed" smear tactic.

Jeremy Corbyn hints at Russia ties

Michael Wilkinson, Political Correspondent of the Telegraph

The Telegraph (who else?) enters the smear and discrediting campaign with a scurrilous piece of journalistic absurdity, suggesting that the "Reds under the bed" may not have actually arrived yet, but will soon be with us in the event of Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership and subsequently becoming Prime Minister. (The Telegraph seems to acknowledge that this is a possibility, in marked contrast to their and the rest of the media views of a few days ago . "Corbyn would be unelectable! and all that nonsense.) The acrimonious campaign against Corbyn and those who support him, both within the Labour party and within the public, has been waged on a daily basis for almost 6 weeks and has demonstrated the depths of maliciousness to which the media and sadly some sections of the Parliamentary Labour Party will sink in order to preserve their position of power and influence in our society. They have waged a campaign of personality and smear rather than policies and debate, a campaign of duplicitous hypocrisy, rather than honesty and truth and now the suggestion that there would be some kind of sinister secret relationship with Russia , exposes Michael Wilkinson, Political Correspondent of the Telegraph as seeking a witch hunt, in the same fashion as the McCarthy committees of the 1950's, to add to the nauseous spectacle of the panic and fear in the media and the right.

Jeremy Corbyn addressing public meeting


Regardless of whether Jeremy Corbyn is declared as the new leader of the Labour party on September 12th or not, the media, television and the right of the PLP, have inflicted severe damage on the credibility of  the democratic process in this country and the belief that the media is, on balance, an impartial observer of events. After almost 6 weeks of maliciousness, hypocrisy and acrimony waged against Corbyn and his supporters, it will take some time, to restore credibility.