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Monday, 31 August 2015

Former Bullingdon Club member uncovers another threat to national security

Jeremy Corbyn poses national security threat, says George Osborne 



 Gideon Oliver Osborne (changed his name to George when he was 13)

Gideon is an idiot.There are hundreds of thousands (if not more) people in this country who are opposed to the renewal of Trident. Are we all a "national security threat"?  If we are, we should all be arrested under the "Anti terrorism" acts and held in prison (usually without charge or trial) to protect the public.
The flaw in this of course, is that Gideon and his wretched colleagues in this government (and the one preceding this lot), are careering along the "austerity" road and have inflicted so many cuts that they do not have enough prison spaces to hold us all.
As someone once said "Osborne you are a plonker"