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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Distorting a quote in order to acheive a "sensational" headline

Jeremy Corbyn could bring back Labour’s clause IV on public ownership


Jeremy Corbyn has signalled that he could restore Labour’s commitment to the public ownership of industry.
Jeremy Corbyn could restore Labour’s commitment to the public ownership


The Press Association, (the Guardian cant even manage to put its own story together) writes as if there is some inherently sinister motivation in restoring Clause 4 to replace the wishy washy weasel words currently in the manifesto and so typical of the Blair philosophy of being all things to all men. In any case, Corbyn did not actually say that, according to the Guardian's reproduced PA text. The quote is actually shown as "whether that’s restoring the clause IV as it was originally written or it’s a different one", but in order to grasp the sensationalist attention grabbing headline, the Guardian follows the media custom of putting its own distortion on words  in order to achieve a slanted headline. 
Just another example of the media resorting to any tactic (no matter how misguided or incongruous such tactics may be) that they may consider as a means discredit Corbyn and those who support his campaign for the leadership.