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Friday, 28 August 2015

Sky News finds another sneering, patronising reviewer for their Paper Review. Sky News 10:30pm and 11:00pm

 Carole Malone and her "contribution" to the Sky News Paper review

Carole Malone

Sky news paper review, last night (27 August 2015), featured  Carole Malone, the woman with the motorised mouth and sneering features who thinks that the death of 6 children in an arson attack was “an accident waiting to happen” and that  illegal immigrants receive "free cars".
Her contribution to the Sky News paper review, centered mainly on her demand that the Labour party should elect as their leader a person that "the public" want in the position. (Not, you will note who the party members want, but who the public want). She did not elaborate (thank God. She has the most irritating and affected mannerisms that you could imagine) on how "the public" could be asked the question. Presumably she would take the opinion from one or other of the media outlets or most probably, she would make the decision herself. Should she ever pause for breath in her endless ramblings, perhaps someone could observe that she could have paid her £3 and had a say herself.
Awful woman.