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Saturday, 15 August 2015

The Holocaust card will not work

Jeremy Corbyn accused of being 'anti-semitic'

Just when you thought that the media and television could sink no lower in their scurrilous campaign of malicious smear, disinformation and vitriol against Jeremy Corby, the Telegraph goes two steps further than anyone, and plays the "holocaust card" declaring that Corbyn is anti semetic ! By repeating an outrageous article taken fom the Jewish Chronicle, implyig that Corbyn is anti semetic simply because of meetings with "terrorist" organisations in the Middle East,(Blair talking to Gadaffi,Sadam Husein, IRA etc is conveniently forgotten), the Telegraph reveals its "Barclay Brothers" background of close association with the Conservative party and other right wing organisations. It is even more outrageous when " one of Labour’s most senior politicians"  accuses Corbyn of being an anti-Semite as a series of " party grandees rounded on the hard-Left candidate".
The Labour party has always had a core of spiteful, vindictive peope who are prepared to join forces with whatever support is available to retain their grip and control within the party. Today these elements of the right, including Cooper, Kendall and Burnham show how they are prepared to descend into the gutter and side with the media in a foul campaign of innuedo and deceit.

Ironically, it is this very adherence to their belief that negative campaigning will give them success in the ballot, that is causing party members and the public to turn to Corbyn as an alternative to the tired and bankrupt policies of the other candidate.
By now resorting to the "holocaust card" the Stop Corbyn Campaign has received a severe self inflicted in