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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

If you do not agree with me, then you must be mad says Alan Johnson.

Labour must 'end the madness' over Jeremy Corbyn, says Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson the almost well know former postman, former General Secretary of UCW, former cabinet minister and staunch Blairite, throws off the mask and declares his support for Yvette Cooper. This appeal for members to back Cooper, confirms that the Blairite wing of the Labour party, now believes that only she can stop the almost irresistible momentum behind the support for Jeremy Corbyn to become the next leader. Yesterday, I wrote how Polly Toynbee, the Guardian journalist, had also joined the Cooper camp and had endorsed the ideology, so common within the Labour party for past decades, that it is acceptable to lie, cheat and deceive the people of this country with hypocritical promises of anything and everything in exchange for their votes in a General election. With this intervention, Johnson adds his weight to the proposition, echoing the words of Toynbee that, “you have to win power to get anywhere at all. Once in power, with the levers of persuasion, you can take people further than you dare tread in opposition”. A typically Blairite philosophy which Cooper embraces, but which paradoxically, is one of the many reasons why thousands of people are supporting the Jeremy Corbyn campaign and joining the Labour Party.
Johnson however adds another dimension to the criticism of Corbyn and by association, every Labour party member who supports him. In this, Johnson is no different from other Blairites and those considered to be on the right of the party, who truly believe that they have a monopoly of political wisdom and only they are aware of the “real truth”. It is the classic example of megalomania.
It therefore follows that anyone who disagrees with their perception of reality, or argues for an alternative direction and manifesto from that adopted by the “enlightened ones” must be suffering from temporary or even permanent, insanity. Johnson affirms this view when he states that the party must “end the madness of a growing surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn” and fall into line behind Yvette Cooper. The arrogance of Johnson in his remarks is breath taking. It appears he believes that he and only he, is capable of guiding the party, through his knowledge, experience and wisdom back onto the road to electoral success, and which presupposes that it is right and proper to promise anything in order to secure support at the ballot box.
A patronising view which has been roundly rejected by people and has been reflected in the dwindling Labour support over the last few general elections.

People queuing outside as Jeremy Corbyn address another packed meeting.

The “surge of support” for Jeremy Corbyn in not “madness”, but is in fact quite the opposite. It is the result of a politician at last promoting the view that politics is about policy and values, not about personalities. It is about rejecting the hypocrisy of past years, that states that lies and deceit can be employed as tools to solicit votes at a general election. It is about promoting values in the NHS, the railways, the utility industries, the relationship between the Labour party and ordinary people. It is this that is producing the support for Corbyn and the belief that there will be some real opposition to Conservative excesses, which will lead to a Labour party government in 2020.