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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The blackest period in the history of media and television "reporting"extends by another day.

 The "witch hunt" continues in the Guardian


Rowena Mason, Political correspondent of the Guardian.

This morning, I posted a Blog on, "This is the blackest period in the history of media and television "reporting".
This afternoon the story appeared in the Guardian to the effect that "Burnham, Cooper and Kendall demand extra checks on voters"
Rowena Mason, Political correspondent and her Guardian paymasters are determined to draw out this witch hunt to the very last minute. The michieveous interventions, even after the Stevenage "meeting" with Harriet Harman, seem to indicate that they at least have not given up hope of installing their prefered candidate as leader of the Labour party and will resort to any trick, distortion orsubterfuge to acheive that objective. Certainly, this "report" bears little if any resemblance to the televised statements from Burnham, Cooper, Kendall and Harman or even Corbyn, after the meeting.
The Guardian is intent on preventing from voting, as many new Labour party members or Labour supporters as possibble, on the assumption that many will be voting for Corbyn, rather than the Guardian's prference. The figure quoted in the main article of 60,000 people being dis-enfranchised is in itself an indictment of the Guardian bias and indicative of a squalid attemp to corrupt the election process in favour of their candidate.
In the long run, it is more likely to create divisions within the Labour party membership and destroy any beleif in the democratic process.
McCarthy is alive and well and resides in the editorial offices of the Guardian.