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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

This is the blackest period in the history of media and television "reporting"

Labour fears leadership contest has been infiltrated by BNP supporters

The hysteria in the media and on television and not least of all in the Independent, in the campaign to "Stop Corbyn", is being whipped up into frenzy and will become even worse (if that is possible) over the course of the remaining days of the leadership election campaign.
During my years in politics, I have seen a number of nasty, negative and vicious campaigns waged against one or other of the camps involved, but without doubt the campaign waged against Jeremy Corbyn over the past few weeks, is the most vicious, distorted and spurious I have witnessed.

Today's contribution from the Independent alone offers,in addition to this BNP nonsense, the accusation of "deluding youngsters" and "threats to seize assets". A media tenaciously intent on preserving the status quo of the "establishment" and the "Westminster bubble" no matter what the cost in terms of truth, honesty or principle.

In times to come, when the hysteria of this election has calmed down, observers may take the view that in terms of journalism and media coverage of events, this leadership election period was the blackest period of Journalistic history and the media and television should be ashamed of their coverage.
However, the evidence suggests that far from being ashamed they will probably be quite unrepentant.