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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Miliband major backs Kendall and is prophesying a one party Tory UK, should Labour elect Corbyn

David Miliband: electing Jeremy Corbyn risks creating one-party Tory state


David Miliband

Liz Kendall is backed by David Miliband

Miliband major endorses Kendal and predicts a dark future of a "one party state" should Jeremy Corbyn become leader of the Labour party. Still smarting from his rejection in the previous Labour leadership election, Miliband major seeks the return of a Labour government under the leadership of Kendal (or even Cooper or Burnham if Kendal fails to win the September vote) to bring about changes in British society.
However, the Miliband major, Kendal, Cooper and Burnham view of the Untied Kingdom is rather different from the views of thousands of other people.
In the years since Thatcher, how much of the Tory anti Trade Union legislation passed by her government, has the Labour party repealed? How many of the restrictions placed on councils and housing associations have been removed to allow more houses to be built? How much of the "privatisation" of our industries, services and utilities has been rolled back? How much of the NHS has been taken away from the private companies who put profit before patients? Apart (perhaps) from minimum wage legislation, what have the Labour governments of "the right" under Blair and then Brown actually done for the ordinary people or the sick or the disabled or welfare claimants? Burnham, Cooper and Kendal offer more of the same, tired old status quo of the Blair/Brown years, but this time they are adding their own "austerity" package to the mixture. They even abstained on the recent Welfare vote in the Commons. The Blair/Brown administrations did nothing over 13 years and now the Burnham or Cooper or Kendal proposals promise to return this country to those wilderness years, should they (a) become leader of the party and (b) become Prime Minister. Provided of course that they can get over the cat fighting and squabbling between themselves which becomes more bitter and acrimonious by the day. On the other hand, Jeremy Corbyn proposes a programme of reform and policies for the 21st century and for the benefit of all sectors of the people of this country. I know who I am voting for.