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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Gordon Brown adds his "advice".

Labour leadership: Gordon Brown to break silence on contest in bid to halt Jeremy Corbyn

Gordon Brown the man who made a grubby deal with his chum Tony Blair (albeit that this cosy little relationship eventually broke down) at the now defunct restaurant "Granita" in Islington in London, to stand aside as a candidate after the death of John Smith, and allow Blair a clear run at the leadership in 1994. Brown agreed not to contest the leadership campaign, in exchange for certain promises of power in any Blair government, over domestic policies and an undertaking from Blair that he would serve only two terms and then stand down in favour of Brown. In fact, Blair reneged on parts of "the deal" and served for three terms, eventually standing down as Prime Minister and leader of the Labour party in 2007.

In the subsequent leadership "election" Brown was elected unopposed and became Prime Minister without ever having fought a General election. Following the defeat the polls in May 2010 Brown resigned as leader of the Labour party.

It is indeed ironic, that now, a man who never stood in an election for the position of leader of the Labour party and yet became its leader, a man who never stood before the British people as the person to become Prime Minister and yet was “anointed” to the post in 2007 (only to be defeated at a General election less than 3 years later) now joins Blair, Campbell, Straw and the others in offering his “advice and guidance” in respect of the current leadership contest. The “right” of the party have an almost hysterical reaction to the prospect of Jeremy Corbyn becoming leader and will clutch at any straw in their campaign of promoting the “Anyone but Corbyn” argument.
The problem with trotting out the “grandees” of the Labour party to promote their views on any of the other candidates, is that they all, Blair, Straw, Campbell and the others lack any credibility whatsoever and their opinions likewise lack validity.