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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Sky News persists with its campaign to influence the ballot, no matter where their contributions come from

Corbynmania Is 'Alice in Wonderland'. In a new warning against a Corbyn victory, Tony Blair says supporters of the Labour race frontrunner live in a "parallel reality".

Another intervention from Tony Blair

Sky News giving wide coverage as they play the “Blair Card” again.
This comes as no surprise as Sky News, their faceless editorial staff from “upstairs”, their predominately biased news anchor's and certainly their Paper review's at 10:30pm and again at 11:00pm, every evening, have clearly shown over the past weeks, an almost hysterical anti Jeremy Corbyn slant on every possible occasion. The Blair intervention has been on every news bulletin for at least 10 minutes since the “story” broke and pushes all other news items onto the back burner. Just why Sky News should give such hard coverage to a story (apart from taking another opportunity to attack Corbyn) of an intervention from a man who led this country into a war using a fairy tale as an excuse and along with Mandelson, Brown and Campbell destroyed the Labour party, is a complete mystery.
Sky News however is only seeking to carry on its campaign to “Stop Corbyn” and adds this latest intervention to the Paper reviews on their evening programme. Over the past weeks, successive “reviewers” have occupied the sofa to pour out their frequently ill informed and always nasty comments about the Labour leadership election generally and about Corbyn in particular. 

Vincent Graff

Roya Nikkhah

Niall Paterson: Sky News

I have commented previously about Carole Malone, Jackie Smith, Iain Dale and others, but last nights contributions exceeded even that of Carole Malone for sheer spite and venom. I refer of course to the Saturday night (29th August 2015) Paper review featuring one Roya Nikkhah a Telegraph (who else?) journalist and Vincent Graff a journalist who writes for both the Mail and the Guardian, claims to have been a Labour party support and member for many years and is supporting Liz Kendall in the leadership election, which of course says a great deal about the man and his position within the party.
Between them, over the time that was allocated for the “review” by the, often equally anti Corbyn, Niall Paterson, the “reviewers” Nikkhah and Graff seemingly competed against each other to be the most cutting in their journalistic crusade, but only managing to render the points they were seeking to put across almost meaningless in the general tirade of spite directed against the Corbyn camp.
During the past weeks of the leadership contest, and no doubt for the next 10 days or so until the voting ends, Sky News has amongst all the media, been perhaps the most vehement in its eagerness to influence the result of the leadership contest.
Clearly, they will use contributions from whatever sources may become available and yet another intervention from Blair adequately serves their purpose.