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Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Labour party protecting itself from its own members in order to maintain the satus quo?

Francis Martin Patrick "Frankie" Boyle is a Scottish comedian and writer, well known for his pessimistic and often controversial sense of humour.

‘Every photo of the candidates looks like the staff room of a failing comprehensive feigning amusement at being photobombed by the janitor.’

The Labour party hireachy, or the establishment, have always been pertrified of it own party membership. That is why, for decades past, the Party conference has been dominated by the Conference Arragements Committee and its numerous sub committee's, the "Resolution Compositing Committee", (to deal with troublesom resolutions usually from Constituency parties) and the Parliamentary Labour Party (or PLP)
The Labour Party hireachy in collusion with the PLP, will go to any lengths and use any tactics, in order to prevent the rank and file members having any influence or control of their own party.