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Saturday, 8 August 2015

The media now resort to "McCarthyism"

Patrick Wintour

Labour leadership election: 260 members of rival parties ask to vote

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Frances Perraudin

After almost 6 weeks of the media screaming out scare stories, banging on about entryism, plots to take over the Labour party, plots to abandon the election procedure in order to stop Corbyn at any cost, Patrick Wintour and Frances Perraudin (and presumably minions of other ferrets at the Guardian), can only find 260 alleged entryists attempting to influence (allegedly) the outcome of the Labour party leadership vote. Out of the 140,000 people who have joined or rejoined the party since the election, the Guardian finds 260 who may be  "former candidates and members of rival leftwing parties".
Not that there is anything wrong with people changing parties. Churchill for example was a classic example. Tory to Liberal and back.(Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.) More recently, there has been the Labour to SDP, Tory to Liberal,Tory or Liberal to UKIP, the examples are almost too numerous to list. Consequently. the concept of a shift in political view is nothing new albeit that see this as a plot and trot out the well worn "reds under the bed" nonsense. However. the fact (allegedly) that 260 people from "rival leftwing parties" have been attracted to the Labour party seems to ring alarm bells all over the Guardian offices, predicting calamity and inevitable catastrophe for the party.
260 out of 140,000 is hardly an earth shattering figure, but Wintour, Perraudin and the Guardian, seem almost desperate to clutch at any straw to bolster their now discredited "stop Corbyn" campaign. It seems that these "journalist" and the Guardian, suffer from the same illness as many of their contemporaries in the media world. Democracy is the most important factor, provided that the democratic decision in the one which they campaign for and agree with.
It may be assumed that the identities of the 260  "former candidates and members of rival leftwing parties" are known to the Guardian, or is it just another piece of "McCarthyism".