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Monday, 10 August 2015

The media: A reprehensible bunch of liars and hypocrites

 Rivals turn on Jeremy Corbyn in row over Clause IV

The distortions, smears, lies and duplicity of the media, television and the right during this campaign is breath taking and dangerous.
What Corbyn actually said, rather than what the BBC, Sky News, Independent and other parts of the media are trying to convince everyone that he said, was:

'I believe in public ownership, but I have never favoured the remote nationalised model that prevailed in the post-war era. Like a majority of the population and a majority of even Tory voters, I want the railways back in public ownership.
But public control should mean just that, not simply state control: so we should have passengers, rail workers and government too, co-operatively running the railways to ensure they are run in our interests and not for private profit.
This model should replace both the old Labour model of top-down operation by central diktat and Tories favoured model of unaccountable privatised operators running our public services for their own ends"


No backtracking on what he said then, (because the Independent and other parts of the media did not report what he actually said anyway) and also no "wanting to turn back the clock to the failed policies of the 1970s and 1980s" because he did not say that either!
The media and particularly the Independent are proving, yet again, to be a reprehensible bunch of liars and hypocrites in their obnoxious campaign to discredit Corbyn.