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Sunday, 9 August 2015

The hypocrites will stop donations unless Labour elect the "correct" leader.

Labour's biggest donors pledge to stop giving cash

Richard Brindle

Assem Allam, the multi-millionaire

John Mills, one of Labour’s biggest donors
Anonymous doner

Another clique of rich Blairite party donors, threaten to “stop giving cash if economically illiterate Jeremy Corbyn wins race”. The names of these arrogantly patronising “party donors” (except the one who chooses to remain anonymous and just throw his snide comments out of his box) reveals the extent to which the Labour party since 1997 under Blair has become too closely associated with and influenced by a small section (but not all) of the business community.
These “party donors” are amongst that group of hypocrites who frequently argue that the “Unions” have too much influence on the Labour party arising from their contributions to party funds, and yet seek themselves to influence the party leadership election (in addition to the “business friendly” lobby they actively promote), with their threats to “to stop giving cash” urging Labour party members to vote for the proper candidate, which actually means any candidate except Jeremy Corbyn, or else.
These “party donors” also by accident, or more probably design, forget that the Labour party was actually created by the TUC and not by a privileged bunch of rich businessmen.
Assem Allam, the multi-millionaire who has recently given Labour more than half a million pounds, attacked the party for missing the “message” from voters that hard-Left parties lose elections. Perhaps Mr Allam could explain when exactly, did a “hard-Left party” last stand in a General election. Perhaps he refers to the Michael Foot 1983 election manifesto referred to as “the longest suicide note in history” and other hypocritical nonsense. The 1983 party, despite all the hysteria at the time and since, could hardly be described as a “hard-Left party”
Then Richard Brindle, who gave £100,000 under Ed Miliband, also ruled out donating should Mr Corbyn win due to his “economically illiterate” policies. What Brindle really means of course, is that anyone who does not subscribe to his point of view is “economically illiterate”. This is much the same philosophy as those who have recently argued that “anyone who disagrees with me is mad”. Arrogant and patronising nonsense
Another donor, hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, contributes his, or her, opinion that “a Corbyn victory would be electoral “suicide” and leave Labour in opposition for 20 years”. An opinion offered without evidence or substantiation but which demonstrates a preference for a Labour government which would maintain the Blairite relationship with business. In this, our anonymous friend shares the objectives of the other donors who all prefer the status quo of the present Labour party structure and policies
Paradoxically it is this very status quo that is being rejected by thousands of people either joining or rejoining the party, because they can see a different Labour party where policies and principle are more important than personalities and sound bites, where truth and honesty are more important than hypocrisy and duplicity and where the criticism from the public that “they are all the same once they get elected” can be finally eradicated from Labour party politics.