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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A suggestion up for discussion, not a proposal set in stone.


Jeremy Corbyn faces backlash over women-only train carriages idea 



Labour leadership rivals Liz Kendall and Yvette Cooper condemn "proposal"



I recall that when going to school and later to work in the "Strand", I travelled on the "Southern Region" trains. The stations, Putney, Clapham Junction, Vauxhall and the others on the railways system, had "Ladies Only" waiting rooms on all of the platforms in addition to "Ladies Only" compartments or carriages on all the trains. The greatest objections, when British Rail decided to remove this "facility" from trains and stations all over the country, came from women and women's organisations. As this suggestion from the Corbyn camp would be introduced after consultation, should the idea of separate travelling arrangements for female passengers be "welcomed by women", it is strange that the idea should provoke "reaction" in the way that this article suggests.
This seems to be today's episode of Andrew Sparrow and the Guardian scraping another barrel in order to find some snippet of "news" to distort, spin and use in their anti Corbyn campaign.