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It is Christmas Day.

It is Christmas Day.
To all Facebook and Twitter friends, followers and contacts, to all my Blog followers and  to friends and relatives around the world everywhere,  I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
This was my Grandfathers favourite as it is mine.

Merry Christmas everyone.
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The writing on the wall

Two-thirds of voters want Boris Johnson‘s government to ban zero-hours contracts, a poll has found.

There will be many people over the coming months and years who will tell the "pollsters" that something should be done about the homeless, or the costs of electric, gas and water, or about the costs of public transport, or the failing (and privatised) NHS, or the excessive profits and tax avoidance of large corporations. etc. To all those I say, that if you did not vote Labour then you have only yourselves to blame and you must bear the consequences of your actions. Johnson and his sycophant cronies have been given a blank cheque to do as they please and sell off vast portions of the British economy to the Americans, (the takeover of British defence giant Cobham by a US private equity firm, is onl…

Brexit was th defining factor.

Brexit was the defining factor. Look at the "leave voting areas" that turned to the conservatives. Leigh, the hometown of my family, elected a conservative candidate for the first time ever. Leigh, a town destroyed by pit closures and mill closures. Leigh, a community which stood firm through the miners strikes and suffered the closures of Parsonage, Atherleigh, Howe Bridge, Bickershaw and many other pits. Leigh, the constituency that voted heavily for Andy Burnham and then Joanne Pitt with thumping majorities now have James Grundy as their MP with a majority of 1965. It was Brexit that was the cause of the defeat.

So be it.

So be it.
The anti Corbyn, Stop Labour winning at any cost coalition, have achieved their aim and handed Johnson a huge majority in the House of Commons. Television, Newspapers, Dis affected Labour Party members, elements of the PLP, those who have shouted from the rooftops that the Labour Party is antisemitic, can sit back this morning and gloat on their success. They have handed Johnson an open cheque to "Get Brexit Done" and then sell this country off to Trump and American business interests. They have given him 5 years to create a society for the few not the many.
I despair and grieve for the people of this nation. The people who remain reliant on Food banks to feed their families. The people who are and will remain homeless on our streets. The pensioners who are faced with ever increasing costs for food, fuel to heat their homes, as well as declining cars services. The cash starved NHS where nurses, doctors and other staff who face increasing work loads and frustrations. …

The final drive.

It is time for real change.

We are now in the final week of the election campaign battle. Upon this battle lies the very future of our country and millions of our people. The people are in desperate need of a Labour government. The people on zero hours contracts. The people on housing waiting lists or  seeking a home which they will never be able to afford or sleeping rough on our streets. The families reliant on food-banks or other charities to provide a meal on their tables. The pensioners, facing a daily choice between heating their homes or feeding themselves. The cash starved NHS where we are thousands of nurses and doctors short and GP surgeries where we have to wait more than 2 weeks for an appointment because of s shortage of doctors. Crime increases because the government has reduced the police forces by 25,000 officers.
This country and its people cannot afford another term of Conservative government with its lying and duplicitous leader and his ban…

Profits before Patient services.

E-Zec Patient Transport servicesI do not believe for one minute that every single organisation that you ring is always "experiencing a large volume of calls and your call is very important to us. Our operative will be with you as soon as possible". There then follows the obligatory "music" , loud, distorted and often inaudible, punctuated with another message saying "you are in a queue, your call is important to us".
This morning it was the turn of E-Zec the privatised Hospital patient transport service. Having spent almost 30 minutes on the phone and being told on numerous occasions that "you are in a queue and your position is number 7" we rang off.
Now E-Zec are a pretty awful organisation at the best of times and have become even worse following their "New revised procedures".
With the exorbitant profits that these privatised companies make from taxpayers (that is you and I) you would have thought that they could employ enough people …

Inflammatory, incendiary rhetoric and quite intentional

Boris Johnson urged to calm Commons 'inferno of rhetoric'.

Crass, inflammatory, seditionary, repulsive, malevolent and outrageous comments by a politician masquerading as the Prime Minister of this country. Not a word of contrition, apology, regret or shame during a lengthy speech attacking the opposition and berating MP's and the Supreme Court for getting it wrong.With Conservative MP's baying and yelling out support for their leader, Johnson culminated his hysterical tirade with a the disgusting remark " the best way to honour the murdered Labour MP Jo Cox – an ardent remainer – was to “get Brexit done”, which followed a comment in response to a Labour MP to the effect that he had never heard such a load of humbug. This man is a danger to this country, to civilised behaviour and to democracy. Some Tory MP's have even stated that "It worked for Trump and it can work for us", signifying that this rhetoric is an acceptable tactic.
This morning on Sky Te…