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The new "Prime Minister" will have no legitimacy.

Rory Stewart in talks with Gove for joint bid to take out Boris.
What a preposterous thought. It seems to me that Rory Stewart is streets ahead of the imbecile Gove. There seems little doubt that the buffoon Johnson will be on the final ballot paper, but with Javid and Hunt again proving that they are more concerned with self than with truth in that they are offering a Brexit solution, which they must know is untenable.However, truth, even with self has never been part of Conservative psyche. The whole field of candidates, all five of them and soon to be reduced again, have shown little to command a view that any of them are fit to be the Prime Minister of this country. Leader of the Conservative party Yes but never a PM. That is one of the vagaries of the British political system. In a few weeks time, the members of the conservative party in the country will…
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Of the five, Rory Stewart was streets ahead.

Tory leadership debate: who were the winners and losers? I watched parts of the Conservative "Hustings" on Channel 4 television last night. Now I am not a conservative, nor do I vote for the conservative party, but from idle curiosity I tuned in to see what the calibre of the 5 candidates actually is, as Boris Johnson decided not to attend. The only word I can find is "pathetic" with perhaps one exception. While the "candidates" engaged in shouting down or interrupting each other trying to prove that each would be better than the rest, Rory Stewart rose above the ignorant patronising exchanges and summed it up by saying, "The fundamental issue here is there is a competition of machismo. Everyone is saying ‘I’m tougher’. Every time I have this debate everyone is like, ‘trust me, I’m the guy, I can defeat the impossible odds’ Rory Stewart may…

The "antisemitic" smear does not work with me

"Who would benefit from a war with Iran?" Part two
I have received a significant number of responses and "likes" to my post "Who would benefit from a war with Iran?" The vast amount of responses are in agreement with what I wrote, but one (which I now cannot find. perhaps it has been deleted by its author),challenged me about lack of proof of Mossad finger prints, yet at the same time accepted the American, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia allegations as fact without one shred of evidence. He then went on to accuse me of being antisemitic, which he says is typical of the Labour party at this time. Well Mr whoever you are, you may be prepared to accept anything that the Americans or our own government say as gospel truth, but in view of previous evidence I am not. If you consider that my original post is antisemitic, then you are part of the warped bandwagon trundling around at this time who believe that you and those like you are somehow able to throw out t…

No proof but the rhetoric gets louder

Iran-US dispute grows over attacks on oil tankers in Gulf of OmanTrump and Bolton, now joined by Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, with Israel no doubt lurking in the background, are determined to drag everybody into a war with Iran. Washington wants regime change in Tehran and the UK is complicit in that objective. There is as yet no proof about the attacks on the tankers, but the anti Iran rhetoric is becoming louder.

The fingerprints of Mossad are all over this.

Saudi crown prince tells Iran: 'We won't hesitate to deal with any threat' Who would benefit from a war with Iran? The United States certainly, Saudi Arabia probably, and then there is Israel. The United Kingdom would do its usual role of jumping up and down waving the Pom Poms as a dutiful cheerleader. The attacks on the two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, has the finger prints of Mossad all over it and Tel Aviv are famous for waging their false flag operations in all parts of the world. What possible motive could Tehran have for attacking Norwegian or Japanese ships?

The idea of attacking ships from countries who are defying the American embargo's and sanctions is preposterous. We do not have to look very far to see who the beneficiaries would be.

Another challenger for the Lib Dem leadership has just slithered out of the woodwork.,

Chuka Umunna takes on major new role for Lib Dems days after joining the party. Chuka Umunna, the wanted to be Labour leader, but who could not stand the "pressure of media exposure" (especially when he realised that his prospects of winning the leadership contest were less than zero), who then "defected" to the Change UK party and wanted to be its leader, until support for the new party crumbled away to nothing making him realise that he would be the leader of nothing, he has now changed his coat again. Chuka Umunna has defected to the Liberal Democrats where he has been welcomed warmly by senior Lib Dem MPs including Jo Swinson, who is the frontrunner to replace Mr Cable when he steps down in July. Vince Cable has awarded Umunna a top job in the Liberal Democrats by being appointed shadow Treasury and business spokesperson by the present leader…

Jeremy Hunt leaps onto the American bandwagon

No 'credible evidence' of Iran role in tanker attacks.
Jeremy Hunt, one of the conservative party leadership candidates, blindly follows the lead of the United States, in blaming Iran for the attacks on the two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman. Trump, Bolton and the British government are determined to wage war against Iran using any excuse regardless of the evidence. Hunt condemns Jeremy Corbyn for calling on our government to abstain from escalating tensions with Iran without “credible evidence”. A reasoned and responsible view to express in seeking verifiable proof before rushing into the clamour to blame Iran. Hunt on the other hand jumps onto the American band wagon tweeting " “Pathetic and predictable,“From Salisbury to the Middle East, why can he (Corbyn) never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests?” Hunt and some oth…