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Friday, 17 August 2018

The decline of a household name.

Marks and Spencer is going downhill.

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Is it only me, or have others noticed how the standards of service and the quality of the goods have deteriorated in Marks and Spencer, particularly over the last 12 months?
I refer specifically to the Marks and Spencer in Weymouth, but I assume that the same circumstances are to be found in other M & S stores around the country.
There seems to have been an exodus of staff from the Weymouth branch over the past few months and those that remain and the new replacements,are on the whole sullen and unhelpful giving the impression that they would rather be somewhere else and that customers are an irritation in the working day.
We used to shop regularly in the store for clothes and accessories, but the quality of the product lines has deteriorated to such an extent that we now rarely bother to look for trousers, shirts, tops or slacks. As for the food hall, the less said the better. The quality of the food lines has sunk to such a level that most of what we have purchased recently has gone into the food waste container.
Where before we would buy a significant amount of meat,fish, vegetables etc including the "meal deals", we now shop in Sainsbury store or online.
It is sad that Marks and Spencer who were once "top of the range" for quality and service have now sunk to a very ordinary and not very good store. No wonder they are losing money and closing branches. Perhaps Weymouth will be the next one to close.

A "newspaper" sinking in the depths of slime.

A 16 year old Photograph which shows nothing.

Image result for 2002 pro-Palestine rally in London with Leila Khaled (),

The Mail is finding even more dust covered photographs in their rat infested cellars, with which to attempt to discredit Corbyn.
Today's offering is a photograph of Corbyn at a Pro Palestinian rally in London, allegedly sharing the platform with Leila Khaled (albeit that you may not be able to find her in the photo, I couldn't) and others.
The rally took place in 2002 over 15 years ago. The Mail is a right wing rag with no morals, scruples or shame and deserves to be shut down.
The only thing to say about this fascist comic is that they are at least employing someone to work in their cellars, sifting through photographs and articles looking for items to continue their disgraceful campaign against the leader of the Labour party.
It is not known if the poor individual working amongst the rats and spiders is being paid the minimum wage. We can however guess who pays the editorial staff and the owner, and what sort of inducements they receive.

The time for appeasement is over

Unite boss accuses Jewish leaders of 'truculent hostility'

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Len McCluskey could well be right, but the fact is that no matter how far the Labour party leans over backwards to appease these individuals and groups, they will always come back for more concessions and more domination.Their intention is and has always been the removal of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour leadership of which they disapprove.The evidence for this view is compelling with a daily smear offensive in the media led by the Mail, Express and Telegraph and Sky and BBC News from our televisions.
At last the Labour party has made a complaint to the press regulator, naming the Daily Mail, Sun, Times, Telegraph, Express and Metro. The time is long overdue when the lies and distortions of the media should be challenged, but at least this is a start. Personally, I would have abandoned "appeasement" long ago when this smear campaign started after Corbyn first appeared on the leadership election ballot paper and has only grown more hysterical and bellicose since.
The latest contributions from Margaret Hodge and Chuka Umunna, evidence how some individuals will never be satisfied and how they will distort and fabricate in support of their particular viewpoint.

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The Labour response to the Margaret Hodge comment that Corbyn is on the "wrong side of of the line between being pro-Palestinian and anti semitic" and "the cult of Corbynism" had allowed this to happen, following on from her outburst calling Corbyn " A f******" racist and anti semite", has be answered with, "Dame Margaret's comments were extreme and disconnected from reality". A very mild response considering her crass and vitriolic attacks over recent weeks.
As for Chuka Harrison Umunna saying that the Labour party is institutionally racist and that Labour MPs are being "pushed to breaking point" by the party's battle with anti-Semitism is, as McCluskey suggests, being used as a tool to advance the possibility of a breakaway party of the usual suspects and heir few supporters, led of course by Umunna himself, (provided that he can overcome his fear of the media putting him in the spotlight). The "policy" of appeasement to these groups and people has failed. It is now time for the party to meet this head on to prevent them from taking Labour back to the days of "Top down" leadership and a numbers of members.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

The worst leader since Ramsay MacDonald adds his contribution.

Gordon Brown says Jeremy Corbyn 'has got to change' 

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Gordon Brown, one of the worst Leaders of the Labour party since Ramsay MacDonald, and Prime Minister simply because Tony Blair stood down, eventually completing his part of the "Granita deal", says that Jeremy Corbyn has got to change.
Brown, very vocal in his criticism of Corbyn during and after two leadership elections, joins Blair in arguing that the Labour party should follow them and return to the "good old days" when the party belonged to a small cabal of the PLP and an even smaller group in their cabinets where everything was "top down" and criticism was frowned upon as being divisive.
(Now that is Stalinist. A small comment for Christina Patterson who recently said that "Corbyn is a Stalinist anti semite".)
Brown and particularly Blair have made significant amounts of money since leaving office, some of which no doubt comes from newspaper articles. It seems that we could be facing the unpleasant prospect of Gordon Brown joining Tony Blair in frequently appearing in the media, telling us that only they have the answers and we must all follow their lead and do as we are told, as the Labour party can only move forward with their leadership.

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We now have a membership of almost half a million (and growing), which is a figure only dreamed of during the Blair/Brown years.The witch hunt that Brown now joins, is a media inspired campaign to oust the present Labour leadership and prevent a Corbyn government following the next election.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

"McCarthyism" in the 21st Century

The hypocrisy of the media is breathtaking. 

Image result for jeremy corbyn in tunis

The media campaign has reached beyond hysteria. The labour party describes the claims about Corbyn's visit to the Palestinian cemetery in Tunis as "false and misleading ".
Perhaps a better description would be "lies and scurrilous smear".
With Sky News running the same story as practically their lead item on every bulletin , closely followed by the BBC News adding their contribution to the witch-hunt, the media generally has sunk to depths never before seen in British journalism.
The latest disgraceful offering was the front page of yesterday's Daily Mail, which published the most despicable and reprehensible cover, which even by the contemptible standards normally associated with this rag of a "newspaper" was the most loathsome we have seen to date.
The arguments supporting "Freedom of the Press" are wearing very thin for many observers. Can it be right for the media to abuse their positions by publishing and broadcasting such abusive, outrageous and heinous reports when at the same time individuals can be prosecuted for expressing views, which if printed as a Newspaper Opinion, would be immune from redress?
The hypocrisy of the media is breathtaking. The Conservative politicians, the usual suspects from the Labour ranks and even Prime ministers from other countries who are loudly vocal in this 21st Century example of "McCarthyism" ,demonstrate a cynicism which is both unhealthy and dangerous for the political system.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The double standards and hypocrisy of the British media.

Board anger after Jersey does not adopt IHRA definition of anti-Semitism.

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The States of Jersey has refused to adopt the IHRA definition of Antisemitism.

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Does this mean that all the States Members and the Chief Minister will be hounded and persecuted by the press and media? Will the members be constantly pilloried and vilified as being racist anti semites? Will a campaign of personal abuse be leveled at these people, where all their history is put under a microscope and tenuous links or even non existent links be fabricated to undermine and smear them?

Somehow, I think not.

Monday, 13 August 2018

New Agenda on Sunday is out! Edition of August 12th 2018

Good Morning everybody.

Image result for boris johnson serving tea

Today is the 12th August.
The Glorious Twelfth a term used usually to refer to 12 August, the start of the shooting season for grouse and to a lesser extent ptarmigan. This is one of the busiest days in the shooting season, with large amounts of game being shot. It is the day when the "huntin' and shootin'" community can venture forth into the countryside armed with guns of various types and sizes, accompanied by dogs to retrive the carcases of birds who have been driven onto "the guns" by an army of "beaters" marching across the landscape disturbing the bushes, shrubs,trees and of course the birds.
A great "sport" for all concerned, except of course the grouse and ptarmigan, who are either eaten at some time later, or more likely, as there are so many shot on the day, sent to friends, relatives or even sold to the local butcher who specialises in "Game".
The Glorious 12th marks the official start of Britain's 121-day-long grouse shooting season. 
Get your Webley and Scott 12G over under, put on your Balmoral side zip wellies and head for the moors! 
(If you like that sort of thing that is. Personally I don't).
Boris Johnson has returned from his holiday and is immediately embroiled in the "Burka controversy". His response to the assembled media circus outside his home was to appear at his front gate  in a rather shabby rugby shirt and an even grubbier pair of shorts, carrying a tray complete with mugs of tea, semi skimmed milk and a bag of sugar. Personally, I cant stand the man and would prefer to see him back on the Have I Got News For You programme rather than embarrassing the country with his questionable politics and his buffoonery.
The attention of the media seems to have moved away, albeit temporarily, from the Labour party and the "antisemitism" row. However this has not prevented the usual suspects from their plots and intrigues. For the complete comment see:

It is still raining. The forecasters are predicting more rain and then a return to the heat. Depends which paper you read.

Have a nice week